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kitty peeks!

sex, drugs, and saving lives

air goes in and out, blood goes round and round; any variation on this is bad.

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delicate food
I decided a while ago to challenge myself to make my own bread.

Bread is one of these things, like pastry, that must be made several times in order to hit on the right recipe and then to perfect it. I see myself wanting to switch recipes as soon as the recipe I'm using works perfectly -- in order to try and improve upon it somehow, better nutritional value or whatever.

Last time I had a perfectly good 50% whole wheat recipe that was wonderful and delicious. So I changed it by making it 100% whole wheat and in doing so wrecked the recipe. I ended up with two tasty but very very short multigrain whole wheat loaves. Next time seems to be the mantra of every bread recipe. At least this time I got smart enough to write the recipe in dry erase marker on my kitchen whiteboard so that I may hurriedly erase and re-write tweaks for next time.

Last time's tweak was to "do it like you did it in the first place."

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You can always throw the bread that doesn't come out right at people.

It's presently living in my freezer, soon to make zombie bread.


I ran a Google search for it. Ohhhhhh, man.

Good for you! I make as much of my own bread as possible, and I'm currently trying to perfect pizza bases, which are a whole other ball game.

Knead thoroughly, don't forget to knock back, and reduce the temperature of the oven soon after putting the dough in; those are my tips. Good luck, and have fun!

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