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kitty peeks!

sex, drugs, and saving lives

air goes in and out, blood goes round and round; any variation on this is bad.

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to channel Shadowfax:
Ski Patrol
Idiot Pundit: "[Americans] have the best health care system in the world. Most Americans live within an hour's drive of a world-class medical facility filled with expertly trained individuals and state-of-the-art technology delivering medical miracles every day."

Actual Doctor: "You hear that? You're within an hour of being able to look at a building where you could get health care if you're lucky enough to afford it."

A building in which, he also points out, you are not likely to get the best care, but rather the most expensive, not because it results in a better outcome (in fact it quite often doesn't) but because it means the person doing the procedure will be paid 10x more.

I personally would rather my life-altering medical interventions were tied to things like actual need and likelihood of a good outcome. Complain all you want about "rationing" in Canada: if they save me a surgery due to watchful waiting because it's cheaper on the system, that's still a surgery I didn't have to recover from. My body remains intact, my health preserved from surgical complications. I don't see a problem with that.

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Your country first has to convince people that health is a right, not a privilege granted by wealth, before reforms will ever have enough meaning to alter some of the US's more deplorable health statistics.

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