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kitty peeks!

sex, drugs, and saving lives

air goes in and out, blood goes round and round; any variation on this is bad.

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operation: be less of a fatass has been re-instituted
GJ noob
A five-pound swing in the wrong direction (ah, Christmas and your chocolate deliciosity) and it's post-christmas eat-properly time. Note I am not calling it a diet: just two straight weeks of not eating a vegetable without it involving cream soup or cheese sauce has taken its toll. Not having time to grocery shop and being forced to eat whatever is edible out of the work cafeteria has its down side.

The plan:
play wii fit at least four times a week, ideally daily, for 30 points
take the stairs at work (I cover a lot of mileage across six floors, this should get interesting)
every meal must have at least two (you heard me!) servings of fruits/veggies
we will continue the breakfast-oatmeal-and-an-apple routine, and expand this to include "while I'm not at work"
make lunches the night before, thusly eliminating the need to go "OH SHIT I have to buy something from the cafeteria"
stay out of moko's coca-cola stash as nothing makes a fatass faster than 100 empty calories per cup; drink juice, preferably unsweetened, preferably watered down
when bringing salads for lunch, making sure to include enough protein that I am not starved a couple of hours afterwards, and bringing healthy snax (like carrots/sugar snap peas/bananas/apples) so that I am not tempted to eat the ubiquitous junkfood off of the breakroom table

tonight's supper
butter lettuce salad with green onions, cilantro, and sprouts (3 servings of veg)
1/2 serving of cheese sprinkled on top of salad for protein
2 tbsp tangerine lime vinaigrette

2 legs of leftover butter chicken made with organic low-fat yogurt instead of cream

for work tomorrow
ziploc of veggies for snax
imitation crab wrap
- 1/2 serving of cheese
- 1 serving of lettuce
- 1/2 serving salsa
- 1/2 serving sprouts
- 1 serving of crab
- 1/2 serving of low fat sour cream

Secondary goal: in keeping with my family's history of kidney failure and my own signs of kidney damage on laboratory exams, all efforts will be made to keep sodium intake to less than 1500mg a day.

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Your goal-setting, even with something so simple, is inspiring.

BTW your lunch for tomorrow makes me hungry!!

I suspect I will be eating lots of "stuff wrapped in tortilla shell."

Your post makes me crave playing the Wii Fit. Gosh I am so out of shape (or rather was SO sore after playing the Wii Fit this Christmas... too bad I don't have one myself!).

The diet ideas seem cool... yet another reminder that tomorrow's grocery shopping is more than just a MUST! :)

Those all sound like excellent ideas! >_> I might steal a page.

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