Wrin Chikaya (wrin) wrote,
Wrin Chikaya


I intubated a lady at a code today using an anaesthetist's dirty trick.

It was totally the opposite of how everyone is first taught to intubate. It's so not a beginner trick. And I had trouble with the styletted tube, and instead of stab-stab-stabbying the stiff end of the stiff tube against her larynx, I hauled out the stylet and went at it anaesthesia style, with no stylet, using the patient's upper airway anatomy to manipulate where the tube ended up getting pointed.

It wasn't as if this was the operating room and I have like 45 seconds to intubate somebody who's flaccid, with 4 assistants and uninterrupted silence. It was a code in a part of the hospital that has never had a code, and she was gagging on the tube while getting chest compressions.

I feel like doing an end-zone dance around the apartment.
Tags: work
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