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kitty peeks!

sex, drugs, and saving lives

air goes in and out, blood goes round and round; any variation on this is bad.

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kitty peeks!
Recently one of my friends complained that her biggest problem at this juncture in time was that she wasn't able to express her opinions to her coworkers and acquaintances and family because they would ridicule her. She said that part of the reason she would miss me is because we're like-minded individuals, and she's finding herself short on like-minded individuals.

Then I had this exchange today, and it reminded me of how valuable my friends are, no matter how far away, partly because they are just that -- like-minded individuals.

(9:36:38 AM) Philosophy: oh americans
(9:36:41 AM) Philosophy: the pill as abortion
(9:36:44 AM) Philosophy: *sigh*
(9:36:58 AM) nic // evil with a chewy center: that means my uterus is defined as a mini abortion factory
(9:37:39 AM) Philosophy: Abortron?
(9:38:13 AM) nic // evil with a chewy center: intrauterine devices
(9:38:28 AM) nic // evil with a chewy center: does that make me an abortionist under the law I wonder
(9:39:42 AM) Philosophy: no, i mean if you're like an abortion machine... is the proper term 'Abortron' ?
(9:41:32 AM) nic // evil with a chewy center: ahh
(9:41:37 AM) nic // evil with a chewy center: I was thinking abortamatic
(9:41:58 AM) Philosophy: nifty
(9:42:02 AM) nic // evil with a chewy center: like a dishwasher or a particularly good steam iron
(9:42:12 AM) nic // evil with a chewy center: o'tron sounds like it should have AI or something
(9:42:57 AM) Philosophy: hmm true
(9:43:08 AM) Philosophy: *bleep* Must. Kill. Babies.

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"It is good to be able to share thoughts with someone who is like-minded, but it is a rarer thing to successfully share these thoughts with one who is not."

EDIT: I forgot who is responsible for that quote, which I am basically paraphrasing.

Edited at 2008-08-15 04:13 pm (UTC)

So very amusing. And we will miss having you more nearby!

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