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all mixed up

I can not be bothered to form any of this into coherent sentences.
  • Car repairs. AUGH

  • Miss him. And how he can't tell me everything because how do you tell a person everything? And I'm thinking about how it's horrible and he lives each day in some amount of pain and it makes me all ... twisty. Some feeling I want to describe by pounding the keyboard repeatedly to produce gibberish.

  • The sunset clause re: my 2^o and my feelings about effectively losing something I've worked so hard at ... and the worst part is it's one of those THINGS where NOBODY will understand

  • Schemes so grand I can't tell anyone about them but OH MAN THEY'LL BE SO EPIC

  • Planning the most expensive event of my life aside from my funeral

  • I suck at history and trying to stuff knowledge into my head directly out of a textbook doesn't go so good. This is harder than I thought it would be.

  • Let's just repeat that once more: This is harder than I thought it would be.

  • I'm avoiding everybody who reminds me of him. This includes all of my friends whose first question is "HOW'S HE DOING???" The reason I'm not answering that question on AIM? Because I don't fucking want to talk about it for the 46,239th time in the last 3 weeks. There's 21 more to go, so by my calculations, I will be asked another 971,019 times how horrible it is to have my husband gone.

  • It sucks. Stop asking.

Tags: braindump
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