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Some Math


(Edited since I fucked up the math like an idiot)
10 3-credit university courses and one 6-credit course covering the Faculty of Medicine's prerequisite list: $6,930
18 credits besides, to bring my full complement of credits to 120: $2,882-$3,546 (depending on whether they are 9, 6, or 3-credit courses)
Fee to write the MCAT exam: $210.00
Application to the Faculty of Medicine: $1,000 per application
Undergraduate MD program: $10,598.48 per year, for a combined total of $42,393.92
Postgraduate education, minimum 2 years, I'm wanting to take 5: $852.84 per year, for a combined total of $4,264.20 for five years

Total cost: minimum $58,344.12 in tuition and fees alone, not counting living expenses, books, GST, anything.


Assume 2 years to complete BSc HS: 2
4 years Undergrad medicine: 6
5 years PGME: 11

Age at completion, if I began tomorrow: 35

... Am I motivated enough?
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