Wrin Chikaya (wrin) wrote,
Wrin Chikaya

Yes, We Do Extrications

In keeping with the 'respiratory therapy' part of the title, a post about work.

Tonight, my first shift back at the hospital, we performed an emergency trach change on a guy to remove the inside of a ballpoint pen from his trach tube.

To clarify, we removed one of these:

from one of these:

To answer your question, yes, he did put it there on purpose. To dig out boogers. Gnarly boogers.

After the lecture wherein I discussed the use of purpose designed tools for the extrication of boogers, he revealed that the last trach change he had, about a month ago, was because it got ripped out in a bar fight.

Yes, a bar fight.

You know, when I went into Respiratory Therapy, I somehow didn't think a part of my job in Emergency would involve extricating foreign bodies from various orifices. Hey, at least this one didn't involve butts.
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