Wrin Chikaya (wrin) wrote,
Wrin Chikaya

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And though the losses of others may be greater…

… that does not diminish my own selfish sense of loss.

The frightening thing is, I’m getting used to you being gone.

You missed an entire summer. An entire scorching, hot, muggy summer, the hottest I’ve ever felt, where the sun would bake the concrete and even after sunset the heat would just pour off the pavement, never ending.

You missed sunsets, you missed graduation, you missed your first day of college. You missed my our parents and our parents, they missed you.

I don’t know how to fix them, James, they frustrate me and I’m sure they frustrate you. I won’t blame this on you since it isn’t as if you asked for it to happen and I won’t blame it on God because, let’s face it, they’re exercising free will and when does that ever get blamed on God?

I don’t know why I hate to admit it but I miss you too.

We all do.

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