August 2nd, 2010

kitty peeks!

in the interest of trying to save some money

and avoid wasting food let's look at the bits and pieces I have laying around and

This week's mealplan
Today: Moroccan stewed chicken with fresh pita (found perfect pita at the store)
(zucchini, chickpeas, tomatoes)

Tomorrow: Stir fried chicken with bok choy, 2-minute noodles and teriyaki sauce
Make ahead: Beef stew in the slow cooker
(carrots, potatoes, onions, cubed cauliflower and broccoli stems, peas, corn)

Wednesday: Beef stew with potatoes from the slow cooker
Make ahead: Spicy beef burritos (refried beans, chilis, hot salsa, brown rice, cheese)
To Do: label your individual portions of leftovers from the freezer, remove stuff you're never going to use in its present state (the squash soup that's meh and bland, ice cubes of veggie stock, that other veggie stock that ended up tasting sort of southwesternish) and make something useful out of it (more vegetable lentil brown rice soup?)

Thursday: Bison meatloaf (homemade bread crumbs, skimmed liquid from the stew, balsamic shallots, dark beer, green bell pepper, carrots, flat leaf parsley, arrowroot egg substitute, onion, garlic)
(consider using up that frozen bolognese that needs a tour through the food processor instead of adding tomato paste)
side steamed broccoli
Make ahead: Make two meatloaves and freeze one
To Do: Baked tortilla chips out of leftover tortillas