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kitty peeks!

sex, drugs, and saving lives

air goes in and out, blood goes round and round; any variation on this is bad.

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this was tons of beauty last time
Pink flowers
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She wants me to bite her neck so hard it leaves marks for days.

Last time I got afraid I'd bite so hard I'd end up with a chunk of her flesh in my mouth. :(

But she loved it.

I have the hardest time making decisions for myself from what I want to do with my life to what I want for supper. it's scary

Once upon a time, I loved someone.

Reading the responses to these things often makes me feel guilty, because I wonder if the things being said are being said about me.

Sometimes I wonder if I'm really any different than I was when I was younger. Sometimes I'm not.

I hide my boogers under the computer desk.

I am a RT too, and I DESPISE NICU

I had an orgasm friend that I was seeing every free moment for the last four months, I was unfortunate enough to fall in love with him and had to break it off because I didn't know how to handle it. I don't think my heart has ever been broken this hard before.... and all for the love of great sex. hmmmmmm

do lesbians like bisexual women? or are there trust issues about them? (I hope that makes sense)

Now I'm interested in how you found the Journal...

I found it at work. I work at a big hospital and a small hospital PRN, at the small hospital I was uber bored one day so I was on livejournal so I did a "respiratory" interest search. And I understand the bisexual bit, I have a bit of a problem trusting other bisexual girls.

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