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kitty peeks!

sex, drugs, and saving lives

air goes in and out, blood goes round and round; any variation on this is bad.

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(no subject)
kitty peeks!
Inevitable hot chocolate and sins which leave your brain apart, cracked open, reeling, leave my teeth tasting iron and sweetnes, tasting blood. Your hand in the cold night air, fueled like rain, eating sand with the sunlight in the dark behind you. I write of pain and true love, but the only true thing is that I know very little of true pain because of you.

Please do not confuse my darkness, I'm confused by it myself. If anything the frightening is happening to me while I try and reconstruct the way that makes me right.

I'm scavenging a way of life that makes me proper and clean. Needing lots of poer to stay under full sail and the words you say (sexy love beautiful touch) make it easier to keep the furniture on fire and the wind afloat, the boat blowing.

You don't let me be a junkie of my own self loathing and I absolutely adore that about you. Your priority driven sternness, your willingness to hold my pink wrists tightly and tell me 'no'.

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this is very poetic and deep. are these song lyrics? if they are or if they arent what are they from? If they are from your head you are incredibly talented. :)

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