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So, an update.

Things are most decidedly surreal at my house. Some people I don't even know (Danica?) has sent out a mass e-mail to people I didn't think to inform, and I don't even have her contact information so that I can tell her when the funeral will be, when we can decide on when a funeral will be.

I think we have to phone NAIT on Tuesday and yell at them about refunding my brother's tuition so that we can use the money to pay for his funeral. And someone has to go down to Campus Reads and Needs and return his textbooks and shit but I don't know where he put them all.

Things are kind of manic at my house. It hasn't even been twenty four hours since his death. Not even twenty four hours since I had a brother.

I haven't seen anything in the news and I wish I had.

Thank you so much to everyone who contacted me or my family and who had the good grace to offer their condolences and favours. I am in a strange place right now; I've had to spend a good portion of my day in my brother's room, where everything smells and feels like him.

And there's all this stuff of his that I would hate to just throw away, but who wants to wear a dead boy's Parasuco jeans?
I've done a lot of bawling and so has The Brad, to his credit he has been the biggest support system I could have asked for at this particular point in time.

Everything is still really strange and I'm being kind of clingy-sobby, but I don't think somehow that that's an un-allowable thing.

Today's Random List Of Random Things That Bother Me:

1. The fact that the cellular phone company will probably charge us a billionty dollars to cancel his cell phone contract.
2. That if I were to friendslock my entire livejournal, I'd have to cut Sylv out of every single post at the same time.
3. That Sylv didn't know who I was fucking talking about when the russian dude from Brooklyn who has never seen my brother in real life, knew who I was talking about.
4. A and W patrons who stared at me while I cried.
5. I'm caught between respecting my brother's privacy and deleting all his photos and chat logs and mp3s and formatting his laptop, and trying to find out as much as I could about a brother I hardly knew by snooping through his shit.

I'm leaning towards the former.
Tags: death, family
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