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air goes in and out, blood goes round and round; any variation on this is bad.

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quirks about your friendly neighborhood respiratory therapist
music video
I can bag with both hands (ambu-dextrous!) elbows, or one limb and any hard surface.
I know fat people are easier to bag in semi-fowler's.
Catlike equipment-catching and fumble-recovery reflexes.
I can draw a blood gas in various contorted positions.
Being able to fit in very tight spaces: such as elevators.
Two words: contingency planning.
So much crap in my pockets that one pantleg hangs lower than the other.
Hospital feet: the phenomenon by which I navigate ICU patient rooms, and avoid tripping on everything.

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The Ambu-dextrous thing = hilarious. <3

And don't you hate having too much crap in one pocket so your pants do that?

We should chat one of these days and catch up for coffee or something once I'm done class!

Also, are you going to be at the Taste of Edmonton at all?

I would LOVE to be at the taste of edmonton. I got a phone call from Louise while I was on the Island so I think that was what it was about

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